Juliette Sanders, Media Officer, EDF Energy

Juliette Sanders, Media Officer, EDF Energy


I work as the South East Media Officer for the nuclear side of EDF Energy looking after the media for Dungeness B Power Station and I also support the team with crisis communications and social media.

I joined the EDF Energy Graduate Scheme after studying engineering at university because I’ve always been passionate about climate change and low carbon energy, and was really interested in the nuclear aspect. I think that’s why my job suits me now because even though I’m not using my engineering skills I still see getting the message out about nuclear as just as important as what I could contribute through engineering.

I love how varied my role can be. My day could include filming at the power station, writing positive stories about our employees and some of the charity and community work we do, right through to media training or emergency exercises. I never know what to expect when I come to work. If something has happened in the media my day can change completely from what I thought it was going to be and it’s my job to be able to respond quickly, which might even mean organising interviews for later that day!

The nuclear industry is a lot more varied than I had imagined, there are lots of roles that aren’t necessarily engineering based and it is a really exciting time to get involved with new nuclear coming on board. The industry is also making a real effort to encourage more women into the sector. Through my role I sit on the Executive Board for the newly formed ‘Women In Nuclear UK’ which has allowed me to meet lots of really interesting women across the sector and I feel very fortunate to have been involved with that from the start.

There’s a quote I’ve come to use a lot and that’s, ‘the more you know about climate change the more worried you are but the more you know about nuclear the less worried you become’. I find that the more you tell people the facts about nuclear, and the more the public see when they take the free tours we offer on site, the more supportive of nuclear they actually become as they see for themselves how safe and well managed it is.


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