re:generation is organised by those who work within the nuclear industry and businesses across the UK supply chain

It is supported by individuals and communities from across the country who believe that low carbon nuclear energy has an important role to play, alongside other forms of generation, as part of the UK’s clean energy future.

The campaign provides factual information that explains the whole story of UK nuclear energy generation and the regeneration effects of the nuclear energy supply chain on jobs, skills and economic development. In particular it seeks to engage young people on issues relating to energy and provides information about jobs and skills available to them within the industry.

Through its online presence and events around the country, people can ask questions, find out more about the industry and support the campaign.


We’re part of Britain’s clean energy future. We are the people who work in the low carbon nuclear industry. We are the businesses, large and small, across the country with the skills and expertise to handle everything from design to decommissioning. And we are part of the communities that depend on the clean, reliable electricity that nuclear power provides.

We recognise the contribution home grown nuclear energy makes to reliable, sustainable and secure electricity supplies for millions of homes and businesses.

We support the 60,000 women and men who work in the industry and we look forward to the new jobs that will come as existing sites are renewed and upgraded with world class technology.

We welcome the opportunities renewal brings to a new generation of young scientists, engineers and construction workers.

And we recognise the powerful regeneration effect which nuclear renewal can have on communities across the UK.

That’s why we are calling on the government, businesses, schools and universities to do everything they can to support the new generation who want to get those high skill, high quality jobs in the British nuclear energy industry.

We’re part of Britain’s clean energy future and you can be too. campaign2